Brand: Motsutoys

Urethral Fuck Twist Otokonoko

SEI-URETH | 9504916937326

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With the Urethral Fuck Twist Otokonoko, you can finally bring to life your biggest fetish — a sex dream that is possible to realize only with our unique onahole, specifically designed with your wildest fantasies in mind.
Featuring a skin-like texture, including a stretchable foreskin and multiple pleasure bumps, this toy will satisfy you like nothing and no one before, so be ready to experience the best orgasm ever.

Life-Like Design With A Stretchable Foreskin
As soon as you open the box and take Urethral Fuck Twist Otokonoko into your hands, you’ll realize that it\'s unlike anything else in the market. With a life-like design imitating a real urethra, this onahole is an instant turn-on for people who are not afraid of experimenting. It features a foreskin that you can stretch and open, viewing the tight inner tunnel that will soon be filled up with your thick member.

The outer packaging of the Urethral Fuck Twist Otokonoko leaves nothing to the imagination and displays a dream anime girl with her urethra waiting for you. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. On the inner side of the toy, there are multiple bumps in a vortex-like design to offer you an intense orgasm, while the gentle texture will further boost the sensation and enhance your experience even more. All you need is to open the box, and you’ll see information about how to use this onahole to have the best night of your life.

Soft Texture And Twist Tunnel For Explosive Orgasms
You certainly can’t wait to try Urethral Fuck Twist Otokonoko — once you are inside, it will stimulate your shaft in the most sensitive, passionate, and pleasant way. That\'s not all: you can also press the onahole to increase pressure and feel like you are on cloud nine — a mind-blowing orgasm is absolutely guaranteed!
You can gain satisfaction from this onahole in various ways, and the skin-like texture further enhances the experience and makes it feel like you’re actually shaking sheets with a petite and sexy anime girl. Once you’ve reached the peak, you can make the most of this moment and fill her up with creampie — let yourself experience such an unimaginable joy with the tightest onahole in your life.

The Dream Onahole For Urethra Lovers
With a realistic design, dual-layer construction, and vortex-inspired inner tunnel with multiple pleasure bumps, the Urethral Fuck Twist Otokonoko offers you the opportunity to satisfy your ultimate lust of making love with a hot urethra — a desire our sex toy can fulfill in the most sensitive way possible. Because of its small weight (only 360 grams) and ergonomic design, you can take this onahole anywhere you like and have some fun whenever you feel like it.

As a cherry on the cake, the high-quality dual-layer design makes it super long-lasting. And it's pretty easy to clean as well, so this hottie doesn’t call for any special care.
Just buy your favorite lubricant, arrange a romantic (or, on the contrary, dirty) atmosphere, and you’re ready to get some sexy urethra experience.

Length: 160mm
Height: 73mm
Tunnel length: 14cm
Weight: 360 grams
Material:  TPE (Elastomer)