Terms and Warranty Information


1.1.       Seller is responsible for the e-store products information and quality.

1.2.       Customer has a right to issue a complaint within 2 years of buying an electronic product.

1.3.       Seller is not responsible for the errors and damages that have been inflicted to the product from mishandling or misuse by the customer.  It’s recommended to always use the original charger.

1.4.       Customer has to report the issue as soon as it appears. The Seller needs to be informed by the email info@bioconcept.eu . The letter must include the description of the problem – What is not working. The invoice needs to be added to the letter. 

1.5.      Returns are not accepted for hygienic reasons, if the seal has been broken or the box has been opened.

1.6.      The customer will recieve the answer within 5 business days. The solution will be by agreement.