Brand: Kamyra

Unique C.2 Free XXL Latex Free Condoms

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Unique C.2 Free XXL Latex Free Condoms

Kamyra Unique C.2 Free XXL Condoms are Large Latex-Free Condoms with Flat Base and 66 mm Nominal Width.

Kamyra now has the famous Unique Condom Card which is available in 3 different versions – this is the “Free” variant where the condom has a flange at the bottom instead of a ring; thus, the material itself sticks to the skin around the base of the penis and you don’t need this tight rubber ring normal condoms have.

Kamyra Unique condoms are made of AT-10, a very soft, non-latex material that is excellent in transferring body heat while having no odor at all.

Hypoallergenic and transparent.

1 Pack includes 3 condoms