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Überlube Black and Silver

UBER-15BK | 851674003121

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Überlube Travel Pack

Überlube Travel Pack is uniquely is made in the USA and designed to prove skin sensations while safely reducing friction. This lubricant feels natural and performs while in use, then dissipates across your skin leaving your skin soft and velvety. This personal lubricant is designed to moisturize and lubricate, enhance and ease the comfort of intimate sexual activity, and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. It’s a lightweight nonsticky lubricant with long-lasting performance. The lubricant bottle is minimalistic and transparent to show the purity of the product.


  • Body friendly formula, inert ingredient: no parabens or glycerin
  • Silicon-based with a hint of Vitamin E
  • No scents or flavors
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dissipates naturally into the skin
  • Smooth and silky, non-sticky
  • Water-friendly
  • Compatible with latex
  • Measured pump for the perfect amount every time

Überlube lets you feel things you want to feel

Premium Quality: Medical device with high-grade silicone, friendly and inert ingredients, for ideal lubrication.

Body safe: Respectful on Ph levels and of healthy bacteria, tested by an independent 3rd party.

Natural feel: Non-sticky, scentless, flavorless, and long-lasting for greater skin-to-skin sensations.

Moisturizing: Soft and silky feel without wash-off.

Versatile use: For sport, for style, or for sex. Überlube is a jack of all trades and master of all.

Perfect for purse, pocket, gym bag or carry-on luggage.

Choose from 2 colors Silver and black.