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Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko 2600

SEI-TIT-MECHA | 9505926698559

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Indulge in ultimate pleasure with your favorite tsundere girl who is here to caress your desires and take you on a journey to male pleasure. Introducing the Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko Big Tits 2.6 kg, a premium hentai onahole that comes complete with a full sex toy torso, supple breasts, and tantalizing anal and vaginal tunnels designed to make you (really) love it. Clearly : this is the handheld sex doll you’ve been searching for.

A curvaceous sex torso silhouette to caress and play
The Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko boasts a seductive frame that you will be compelled to grab, caress, and embrace. Featuring two soft breasts with delightful pink nipples, a sexy belly button, and incredibly inviting anal and vaginal tunnels, this sex toy torso promises a premium experience.

The front of the packaging showcases your tsundere hentai girl wearing minimal clothing, igniting a spark of excitement. Though tsundere girls may appear stubborn at first, they secretly yearn for your touch. The backside of the packaging provides detailed insights into the tsundere torso, thoughtfully designed to satiate your desires.

Uncover new sensations with both anal and vaginal tunnels
After experiencing the fullness of her breasts and curvaceous body, you will undoubtedly be eager to explore her inner sanctums. This high-quality sex toy for men comes equipped with incredibly soft and realistic vaginal and anal tunnels.

The vaginal tunnel features multiple bumps designed to massage and stimulate, while the tighter anal opening promises to grip you firmly, delivering an erotic sensation unlike any other. Embrace the caress of the Rubbing Fleshy Walls and unleash your fantasies.

Two Fleshy Tunnels

Vagina tunnel:
Soft realistic pussy lips entrance
Twirl entrance
Fleshy craters zone
Fleshy nubs zone
Three big ribs area
Five smal ribs area
End zone nubs chamber

Anal tunnel:
Anus skin entrance
Anus muscle parts
Rubbing fleshy walls (First gate to conquer)
Pleasure cake area
Half way zone
Double G-spot zone
Rings rings rings
Soft end bumps

Hold pleasure in your hands for great fun
With a substantial weight of 2.6 kg, the Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko is designed to provide a solid and realistic feel with a pussy pocket in your hands, significantly amplifying your pleasure and making every moment feel more intense and genuine.

The unique combination of a realistic pussy, sexy fox girl aesthetics, and the premium quality that Motsu Toys is renowned for, ensures an experience that is not only satisfying on a physical level but also deeply resonant with your desires.

A full figure torso for sensual nights
The Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko offers a multitude of ways to enjoy your time together. With a full figure, soft and realistic anal and vaginal tunnels, and skin-like texture and tone, this ona hole is the perfect companion to satisfy your desires.

Simply let your imagination run wild.

Experience the pinnacle of japanese sex toys with Motsu Toys, where quality is guaranteed, and discretion is paramount. Dive into a world of realistic sex toys, explore onahole reviews, and embrace your desires with premium hentai sex toys designed to bring your fantasies to life.

You should choose it if …
You are an anime enthusiast : this product is specially designed for fans of anime hentai sex toys and hentai culture. If you have always fantasized about getting intimate with a tsundere girl, a popular character archetype in anime, this is the perfect toy for you.
You seek a premium experience : Motsu Toys is committed to providing high-quality premium products. The Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko is a testament to elite craftsmanship, sophisticated design, and the highest quality materials.
You desire authenticity : this toy is a genuine reflection of Japanese-inspired hentai aesthetics. From the realistic texture and tone of the skin to the meticulously crafted anal and vaginal tunnels, every detail is designed to provide an authentic and immersive experience.
You crave variety : with its full figure, soft and realistic anal and vaginal tunnels, the Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko offers multiple ways to indulge your desires and explore new sensations.

Weight: 2670g
Vaginal Tunnel: 155mm
Anal Tunnel: 138mm
Length: 38cm
Width: 16 cm
Hip circumference: 46cm
Waist: 30.5cm
Chest circumference: 48cm
Weight: 2670 grams
Material:  TPE (Elastomer)