Brand: Secret Play

"Truth or Dare" Card game

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Instructions: The game includes 80 cards divided in (?) TRUTH or (!) DARE and you will have a lot of fun with your partner or your group of friends in a different and spicy way. It is designed for 2 or more players (+18). It is a card game where you must be honest or dare to challenge. Everything is allowed and it is only required to have a good time.

(? - TRUTH) You must answer sincerely and provide a very good detailed answer. If your colleagues consider that you are not being honest, you have to take a dare card.

(! - DARE) Complete the challenge, dare to do anything. You can refuse to perform the challenge as well. In this case you should take a truth card. If your friends consider that you have not completed the challenge successfully, you must drink a shot. The shots should always be ready for the tests.

To start a game: The oldest person in the group starts the game by rolling the dice. The dice will tell the player which card of the two piles must choose (TRUTH OR DARE). Next player to roll the dice will be the one on the right side and so on until the cards are all used up. FUN IS 100% ASSURED!

The game includes:

1 Dice
40 Truth cards (?)
40 Dare cards (!)