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Toy Two, is perfect for couples looking to take finger play pleasure to new levels of arousal for deeper G-spot penetration and increased intimacy. At times, the addition of bells and whistles can become a diversion for intimacy; whereas a more simplistic approach encourages it as the wearer is given the ability to custom-navigate their partner’s experience.

Created by passionate women of innovation, our sex toy Two returns to the fundamentals of hand games. It's ergonomic design, conceived to accommodate two of your fingers, very effectively complement these. So long, your knuckles will gain strength and length novel, while control ... enough to turn the head to everyone, men and women!
Our product is entirely made of silicone, guaranteed without phthalates, which gives it a pleasant, discreet touch. At the heart of the action , it will be forgotten to fully play its role of extension of your fingers.


How do you reach 7th heaven without complicating your life too much? Something the whole lesbian community asks herself.  Don’t you have the right to let your imagination out to play? You love sex toys of all kinds, and now you can rediscover the pleasure and sensuality of using your hands and fingers. You’ve dreamed about it and now WetForHer has made it for you, the ultimate lesbian sex toy: Two.

Who better to imagine and design lesbian sex toys that gratify all your desires than another woman, another lesbian? WetForHer, of course.  By women for women, we know what we are talking about...Our sex toy, Two, lets you use your fingers but more powerfully and with more depth while your significant other succumbs to your long lasting romantic onslaught.

Put two fingers inside this lesbian toy, half way between a traditional toy and the softness of your hands.  You don’t need a diagram – just vibrate to your partner’s ecstatic rhythm and have complete control of your gestures.

100% silicone, guaranteed phthalate free, you’ll soon forget you’re using sex toy Two while enjoying all the sensations from this 100% lesbian toy.  The sensations are quite different from a harness and dildo, letting you gently play with your partner’s patience. But don’t play too long, Two can quickly change hands and you can feel your partner’s desire between your own legs.  Black, violet or pink, which color do your fingers want?


Actual Length : 12cm
Diameter Average : 3,5cm - 3 Fingers