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XTC Tennis girl

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One thing is certain: this girl doesn’t mind getting a little hot and sweaty! The sports bra can barely contain her breasts as she runs across the tennis court, serving you hardball after hardball. After the game, it’s time to relax… Can you help her stretch? Maybe take a shower together?

Mini body onahole
Some onaholes and pocket pussies are basically a fleshy cylinder with a pussy on one side, but this new toy by XTC Japan has a lot more detail than that. The mini body measures 15 cm in height, and weighs around 455 grams. Her body is perfectly proportioned, with a nice firm ass, a toned belly and round breasts. It even shows a sports bra being pulled up over one breast, just like in the illustration! While this onahole is too small for paizuri, the breasts are still fun to play with and they look great.

The inside of the Tennis Girl
When you spread tennis Girl’s puffy outer labia you’ll see the entrance to her tunnel, completely lined in pink. After a soft entrance with massaging bumps, you feel it tighten around you. The G-spot bump at the top presses against you, it’s suction-cup like dots providing some extra stimulation. Then, an organic texture envelops you: thick ridges swirl around the length of the tunnel, and they are lined with smaller ridges which form countless little “gates” for you to push through. The tunnel tightens towards the end, becoming a narrow passage that stretches and bounces back with every thrust.

Narrow but not too tight
While the tunnel looks incredibly narrow in the pictures it will stretch quite a lot, both in length and width, thanks to the stretchy, durable material. The narrowness of the tunnel means that every time you slide in or out, the numerous small ridges slide past you, bringing you closer and closer to climax.

Tennis Girl Onahole measurements
Length: 15 cm
Width: 9 cm
Tunnel length: 11.5 cm
Weight: 455 grams
Material:  TPE (Elastomer)