Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotation

TFZ-103R |

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10 years of evolution has led to the Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotations - Vibration + rotation! Unknown pleasure has arrived with the ultimate "Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotation," because Tenga's high-end Flip series now includes a rotating attachment!

By tilting your hand, you may easily adjust the direction and speed of rotation using the gyro sensor. Furthermore, multiple motors and high-density details specialized in rotation and vibration are used to provide extremely intense vibrations! Strokes while spinning and vibrating deliver the maximum and previously unknown pleasure.

Easily switch between all 5 vibration patterns with a button and enjoy manual mode + 3 different rotation patterns!
Rotate by tilting with the built-in gyre sensor! The rotation speed increases at the tilt angle, and it is possible to operate intuitively.