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Tea Time Blue Premium Dildo

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Tea Time Blue premium dildo is made in high quality porcelain baked at 1280° and refined with real gold, a precious product with unique design. It is hygienic, nonporous and hypoallergenic and it can simply be easily heated or cooled with water to give incredible feelings. The product has been crafted artisanally so that shapes and colors may differ from one specimen to another without this being a defect.

The Tea Time is the first decorative dildo designed as a tribute to British culture.Made of high quality natural porcelain and designed and produced in Italy. Size: 21×4,2 cm

MyFucsia is the first and unique dildo decor designed for your pleasure. available in different kind of models to collect in high quality natural porcelain. 

Making a porcelain toy

high quality natural porcelain is cooked to 1280°, creating a precious product with unique design. Each product is hand-painted, making every single product unique and polished to perfection.

Porcelain is safe.

Ceramic toys are incredibly hardwearing and as long as you do not intentionally throw it on hard ground, it will not break during use. The material guarantees that It is hygienic, nonporous, hypoallergenic and body safe. The product is also Ni/Cd/Pb free.

Heat it up or let it cool down

Ceramic toys can be heated or cooled with water to give incredible sensations. 

Method 1: Use the hole in the underlying part to insert hot (Never boiling!) or cold water to condition the temperature of the toy. The product will remain a stable temperature for about 15-20 minutes. 

Method 2: Just place the product into a bowl of your desired temperature water and let it warm up or cool down for 10 minutes before using. Allowing the porcelain to adjust to the temperature thoroughly will keep it to your desired temperature for longer periods of time.

Manufactured to be long lasting and durable.

Cleaning: Clean with soap and warm water.

Important! Please always check the integrity of the product before every use. In case of grain, chips or other signs of damage, do not use it in any way.