Brand: Motsutoys

XTC Sujiman Realistic 2-holed

XTC-NUPU-SUJI | 3583244152072

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Switch your onahole with something better, the NUPU 3 Sujiman, a dual stroker that will give you the next-level masturbation experience. This onahole lets you choose between a mouth ready to provide blowjobs or a vagina prepared to take in your thrusts and strokes.
Both holes are behind each other, but inside, you would feel the difference between each side.

Double-sided Onahole with Tightening Rings
Each side of this onahole has a hole ready to serve and stimulate you sexually. Both have tightening rings and a unique tunnel structure. On one end, you have a mouth with slightly parted lips which lets you stretch it wide open. On the other side, a tight-looking vagina is waiting for you to fill it.

The mouth has a nose on top of it to add a level of realness to it. Its lips are soft and firm, so you could kiss it or go straight into the blowjob. Add lubricant before penetrating it so you will not force your way inside the mouth.

Getting a blowjob from this onahole almost feels like the real one because once you are inside the mouth, you would feel a set of natural teeth.
You could use the teeth to massage and further stimulate your glans. As you go deep into the mouth, you could push through the uvula and into the throat, where you would feel the deep throat zone. Once satisfied with its mouth, you could use its vaginal hole to feel a different kind of tight tunnel. The onahole’s vagina has inner lips that immediately stroke your shaft as you enter.
Its vaginal tunnel structure allows drops of lubricant to stay inside longer and seep deep into the ridges, making it feel like a natural vagina.

Squeezable, Elastic, and Firm
The NUPU 3 Sujiman has a cylindrical shape with folds at the middle that let you squeeze it to add more pressure and tightness. Additionally, the onahole is a material that makes it firm and has a balanced core. Despite its firmness, the NUPU 3 Sujiman’s onahole is stretchy whenever you thrust inside.

Thanks to the material of this onahole, this dual stroker is a must-have for any onahole enthusiast. So if you are looking for something that feels natural when you hold it in your hand, but would also feel amazing on your member, try the NUPU 3 Sujiman.

Lightweight, but can Handle Heavy Duty Action
With a total weight of only 470g, the NUPU 3 Sujiman is light enough to hold with one hand. This weight also removes the additional stress on your wrists, letting you stroke your manhood easily. Aside from that, you could bring the toy wherever, even on vacation!

Despite being lightweight, this onahole could take a good pounding. You could use this toy as often as you want throughout the day, and after cleaning, it would still look and feel brand new.
The NUPU 3 Sujiman is designed to stroke your shaft when ready.

Product length: 170 mm
Vagina width: 79 mm
Mouth width: 79 mm
Height: 84 mm
Weight: 470g
Material:  TPE (Elastomer)