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XTC Standing Ruri-nyan

XTC-RURI | 3583244152065

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This cute onahip by XTC Japan has a beautiful 360° design, a highly detailed sculpt, and two very enjoyable tunnels.

An ebony onahip: finally, one with dark skin!
While it’s not the very first, it’s definitely one of very few. While there's plenty of dark skinned and ebony hentai to be found, toys are a little more rare. Many Japanese onahole brands stick rigorously to old habits, making only porcelain-skinned toys. XTC Japan chose a beautifully soft, elastic material for this toy, and dyed it a warm brown colour. This colour shows off the detail in the sculpt even better than lighter materials do!

The 2375g hip has a so-called 360° design: it looks good from all sides, which makes it very inviting to try different poses. Bent over doggy style, lying on her back with her legs spread for you, or bouncing up and down cowgirl style. ‘Standing Ruri-nyan’ has a plump round ass with strong thighs, a narrow waist, and two little dimples just above the butt - it’s those little details that really help it look good.

And speaking of details: wow! XTC Japan went the extra mile and applied an incredibly lifelike skin texture over most parts of this onahole. It is most noticeable around the pussy, where little skin folds and goosebumps are visible, but also across the asscheeks and around the belly button. It looks like a freshly waxed pussy!

Two delicious tunnels
So it looks great, you can use it in various poses… But does the stimulation live up to the hype? Absolutely! Apply some lube, grab 'Standing Ruri-nyan'’s narrow waist and explore the two tunnels she is so eagerly offering up to you.

Anal tunnel: rings and beads
Ruri-nyan's ass has a classic design: a tight entrance that wraps around your shaft like a sphincter would, followed by series of rings and massaging beads. Is it new? No. Does it work? Very well. The two slightly different textures sliding over your shaft with every stroke create a steady stimulation that lets you build up to an orgasm as quickly or as slowly as you like.

Pussy: a triple-cervix treat
What’s Ruri-nyan's ass lacks in innovation, her pussy makes up for. Many onaholes these days include a cervix and womb at the end of the tunnel, because that soft gate to push through feels so great. So, XTC Japan though, why not three?

The first cervix is just after the entrance. It’s quite wide and easy to push through, leading you into a section with ridged pleasure bumps.

The second cervix is more pronounced: it’s longer and narrower, and will grip around your shaft.

What follows next is a tunnel with ridges, getting slightly wider towards the back, where the third and final cervix awaits. This is the tightest one yet, and just feeling that soft entrance sliding past your gland, while the ridged wall textures fold around you is great. Gaining entrance past this last cervix isn’t easy, but being able to blow your load directly into 'Standing Ruri-nyan'’s womb is worth a little effort!

'Standing Ruri-nyan' in short
While the novelty of a black onahip would probably be enough to sell a fair number of toys, XTC Japan has taken care to make this a genuinely great toy: the highly detailed sculpt ensures you enjoy the Ruri-nyan hip in all positions, and the two tunnels are very good and varied. If we had to name a downside, it’s that maintenance powder can sometimes leave the skin looking a little ashy, but that’s such a minor issue that you’ll forget about it the moment you get to explore 'Standing Ruri-nyan'’s pussy and its three cervixes.

Waist: 35.5 cm
Height (sitting): 16 cm
Height (bent over): 13 cm
Width (thigh-thigh): 22.5 cm
Anal tunnel length: 12.5 cm
Pussy tunnel length: 11.5 cm
Weight: 2375g
Material: TPE