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"O" Strap-on Stabilizer Ring - SpareParts

BS1SL1 | 815952011574

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The Spareparts O-Stabilizer Ring keeps toys close, prevents slips, and is great for anchoring heavier dildos or dildos with small or flimsy bases. These solid foam rings can be used to expand the base of your favorite dildo or toy to make it compatible with large-ring harnesses. Simply wet the ring, slide it on the dildo, let it dry and harness your dildo like normal. The widened base rests securely behind the O-ring for added stability. Foam rings can also be stacked on dildo shaft to limit depth during penetration play.

  • Supports heavier dildos and dildos with small or flimsy bases.
  • Expands the size of the dildo base, for better stability when using strap-on harnesses.
  • Simple to use: just wet the inside hole and slide it down dildo shaft.

Available in two sizes: Small (7.62cm width x 9.80cm height with 1.9cm center) or Large (8.9cm width x 10.5cm height with 3.2cm center) for dildos that have a smaller flange on the top.