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"Sex Play" Playing cards

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Do you want to play? Tonight...SEX PLAY!

SEX PLAY is a card game where you will find out more about your partner. Seduction questions, erotic fantasies and everything you have ever thought of doing. Will you be able to reach the end? Discover sex in a different way. Forget about taboos and discover this exciting game that will make all your wishes come true.

GAME RULES: There are 55 cards (2 with instructions) to shuffle and distribute half to each player, forming two decks with the cards. The oldest player will begin by showing a card, the other will have to do what the card indicates, then the other player will show it and so on.

Each letter has its meaning:
J - KISSING - Kiss the body area that appears in the picture.
Q - MANUAL STIMULATION - Perform the stimulation form that shown on the card.
K - ORAL SEX - Oral sex is important, prove it by performing the action as shown on the card.
A - PENETRATION - With these Kamasutra positions you will surprise each other.

Sounds like fun, don´t you think?

The other figures have another meaning:
HEARTS - You must answer all the questions, at the end of the game you will get to know your partner better.
DIAMONDS - Couple Activities - Knowing how to make the other person enjoy is important, here you will discover new sensations.
CLUB - Whisper your partner what is written on the card. The sense of hearing is very important. A few sensual words always enhance our arousal and sexual desire.
SPADES - Tests - Here you will challenge your partner! What will he/she be able to do for you?

The game ends when the cards run out. Simultaneous orgasms are allowed.