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SAL-P-BK-L/XL | 05902188723571

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The set includes:
Corset with chains

Anywhere, in any situation you are, Salome Premium set emphasize your style and taste to unique underwear.
Sexy corset is a composition made of rubber bands and silver chains. It is attractive and surprisingly comfortable. You will wear it with no problems and can adjust to your body. Sophisticated chain composition will highlight both the qualities of your body as well as a hot temper. The set also includes spectacular panties and bra in black. Bra is made of soft mesh, alluring shows the shape of the breast. Panties front are made of black, matt material, and the back is made of delicate mesh, which can be seen from your hips and buttocks. On the sides there are silver wheels. Elastic characteristics of the material make figs adapt perfectly to your body. Buttocks are emphasized by the vertical wrinkle material.
Salome Premium set includes a corset, figs and bra, which had been prepared for you as a coherent, sophisticated and unique proposition.
The set also includes stockings, finished with a decorative strap with silicone.
In Salome Premium set you will do an impression to every person.


Corset with chains - handmade.
Easy to insert and remove: 5 fasteners on the back
The ability to attach stockings: 4 fasteners
Garter straps: Adjustable
Excellent fit to the body, thanks to 5 fasteners, adjustable garter straps, setting capabilities of any length chains with fastenings

Bra and panties:
Flexible materials: a delicate mesh and synthetic leather
Bra: adjustable straps and a 2-stage clasp on the back
Decorative, metal wheels and regulators in silver
Effective, vertical stitching on the back panties

Self-supporting, 15den, fingerless
Finished 8 cm elegant, decorative strap with silicone

Colour: black
Size: S/M, L/XL
lingerie: 95% polyester, 5% elastane;
chain: 95% steel, 3% copper, 2% silver;
stockings: 84% polyamide, 16% elastane