Sagami 0.01 Ultra thin latex-free (Polyurethane) condoms 5-pack

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Sagami Original 0.01, our thinnest polyurethane (PU) condom ever, is designed to bring you closer together for a deeper connection. Experience the next level of intimacy, as well as maximum sensitivity and ultimate pleasure. The most sincere blessings from Sagami to all lovers.

Real ultimate thinness of 10 microns

Sagami Original 0.01 is a mere 0.018mm* thick, a thinness achieved thanks to polyurethane (PU).

*0.018±0.008mm (average)

More than 3 times stronger than a latex condom.

In terms of bursting pressure, a measure of film strength, the 0.01 has about 3 to 5 times the strength of a rubber condom. So the secret of that strength is in the use of Polyurethane. It may be thin but you can use Sagami with confidence.

Perfect heat conductivity, lets you feel the body heat of your partner easier.

Did you ever notice that rubber condoms usually feel a little cold on insertion? Polyurethane is an excellent transmitter of heat, instantly conveying the warmth of your partner’s skin for a more natural feel.

Smooth surface, more natural.

Polyurethane has a smooth surface to make sure you experience a softer feeling during use.

The material Polyurethane is biocompatible with the human body and suitable for use with latex allergy.

A Latex allergy can lead to itching, pain, skin irritation, and hives. Sagami Original uses gentler Polyurethane, ideal for those allergic to rubber. Sagami has focused on the advantages of Polyurethane over rubber, which is often used in the medical field, including components for artificial hearts and artificial blood vessels.

Unlike Latex, Polyurethane is odorless.

Condoms made of latex or other types of rubber usually have a unique odor. Sagami Original uses Polyurethane, furthermore making them odorless.

The number 1 popular Polyurethane condom in Japan. Use only one condom at one time. Use a condom only once. No method of contraception can protect 100% against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV (AIDS). Please read the instruction manual before use.