Rolling Tenga Gyro Roller Cup

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This is a cup made specifically for the GYRO ROLLER.

The ROLLING TENGA series was developed specifically for the GYRO ROLLER. Features lateral rotation details and a lotion that won't dry out. By rotating and stroking, you can enjoy the feeling of spiraling exercise.

There are 3 types of ROLLING TENGA to choose from.

ROLLING TENGA developed three different types of Gyro Rolling Cup: A standard type that allows you to enjoy a feeling of depth. Gyro Rolling Cup Soft: Soft type that allows you to spin and tangle. Gyro Rolling Cup Hard: A hard type that allows you to enjoy tightening while rotating.

Purchase the GYRO ROLLER sold separately.

The ROLLING TENGA series can also be used alone, but since it is a CUP specifically designed for lateral rotation, we recommend using the GYRO ROLLER with it. In addition, please read the instruction manual that comes with the GYRO ROLLER carefully before using for installation and detailed operation.