Brand: Tenga

Reusable Flip Orb Strong Masturbator - TENGA

TFO-001H | 4560220557426

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Stronger Orbs Intensify the Sensation!

Stronger orbs collide and stimulate from within firm, edgy internal details! The FLIP ORB STRONG is here to provide even more explosive sensations, with strong orbs encased in firm sleeve material. Enjoy a new kind of thrill that soft material alone can’t match.Bounding orbs of pleasure await.

Tenga’s unique flip-open design is easy to wash and dry, for hygienic use every time.

  • Control sensations and create a vacuum with the pressure pads.
  • Flip open for easy cleaning
  • The cap makes for ease of use, storage and drying
  • Includes sample lotion

Bounding orbs await within rows of wavy ribs!

Using your Flip Orb: 

  1. Remove the cap from the Flip Orb
  2. Press firmly on the sides of the Flip Orb to open it
  3. Add lubricant to both sides and close the orb
  4. Put the cap on the top part of the Flip Orb for a comfortable grip and to prevent it from opening during use
  5. Add some lubrication to the Tenga opening

    Your Tenga Flip Orb is ready to be used. 

    The middle plate can be used to control the amount of suction your Flip Orb creates, or the feeling of tightness while using.

    Cleaning your Flip Orb:

    1. Once you’re done with your Flip Orb, remove the cap from the top by pulling it away. 
    2. Press firmly on both sides of the Flip orb to force it open. 
    3. Clean thoroughly with warm water and soap. 
    4. Use the cap to place the Flip Orb on it (either standing up but still open or on the side, see pictures for reference)
    5. Once the Flip Orb has dried, put the cap on the soft side to protect it. Store.

      Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. Do not use the Tenga products if your skin is damaged or irritated. To protect from possible irritation, test the lubricant on lower arm first. If irritation occurs, wash with water immediately and consult a doctor. Do not share with other people. 
      Manufactured by Tenga co. Ltd in Tokyo, Japan.