Brand: Motsutoys

XTC Puni Toro Gold

XTC-PUNI | 739406766783

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There is nothing as seductive as an innocent virgin that wants to be plowed, and with the Puni Toro Gold, your wildest fantasy will come to life. With a petite body, two tunnels, and a specially created bone structure for you to play with the whole night, this sweet virgin is meant to pleasure you.

The stunning shiny gold packaging features an innocent virgin on the front, but on the back, you’ll get very excited by seeing the naughty image of the girl. Your shaft will absolutely love the Puni Toro Gold. The packaging reminds us of the now quite old product, the Puni ana SPDX.

There are so many ways you can take her; even if you’re done, you would want to go at it again. Get your own virgin sex angel with the Puni Toro Gold!

Two Tunnels, Three Layer Design, And A Special Bone Structure For Unmatched Realism
The main highlight of the Puni Toro Gold is the one-of-a-kind triple-layer design consisting of the outer layer, inner layer, and the specially designed bone structure. Indeed! This onahole has a skeleton inside to offer excellent stability and an additional dosage of realism — you can easily feel the difference when you grab the bone structure when you’re masturbating. What's more? It even has a huge torso that you’ll love the feel of when you’re smashing.

Designed For Pleasure
The Puni Toro Gold has been designed with your pleasure in mind. It features two tunnels— a virgin pussy at the front and an anal tunnel at the back. Both designed to grab your penis and offer intense stimulation and friction, ensuring immense pleasure and strong orgasms. That’s not all, it also comes with a built-in bone skeleton that gives this onahole a realistic shape and structure, making you feel like you’re actually grabbing and screwing a real-life petite virgin.

With a unique triple-layer design consisting of the outer layer, inner layer, and bone structure, the Puni Toro Gold ensures a pleasurable experience. Additionally, the high-quality outer layer is smooth to the touch, and the skin tone has been made to replicate real-life skin color as closely as possible, making you feel like you’re actually touching real skin and screwing a petite virgin girl. The tiny waist and two tits also enhance the look of the Puni Toro Gold. That's not all, there’s even a belly button to complete the realistic look. Every feature of this onahole has been designed for your ultimate pleasure.

Endless Possibilities For Fun
There are so many ways for you to enjoy the Puni Toro Gold. The vagina and anal tunnels feel real and feature multiple points to stimulate your penis and make you orgasm. You’ll have a naughty view of the tits from the front, and even from the back, you can enjoy the round ass when you penetrate her. You can even grab the tiny waist and have your way with her.

The Puni Toro Gold has been carefully designed so that you can enjoy her in various positions, from the front, back or cowgirl. For hours or guaranteed pleasure, all you need is a little bit of lube, and this onahole is ready to be plowed. So, how are you going to screw this tight virgin angel? There are endless possibilities.

Height: 360mm
Hip width: 245mm
Shoulder width: 200mm
Hip circumference: 715mm
Weight: 7kg
Material:  TPE (Elastomer)