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Seiraku Prinz Eugen 5kg

SEI-EUGEN | 739406766820

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Incredibly soft and velvety to the touch with two very inviting holes, the Prinz Eugen onahip brings you true ecstasy, and the unique air chamber makes the fun even more thrilling. Are you ready to give this hot girl some hard pounding and ejaculate into euphoria?

Onahip Designed For Your Ultimate Fantasy
In addition to being a member of the Ironblood fleet and fighting other heavy cruisers, Prinz Eugen is also a beautiful woman with a petite frame and a heavy bust.

And after all the battles at sea, all she craves is a good fuck! Make that happen and experience pleasure like never before with this sexy onahip — you’re the commander, and it's your turn to screw both the holes of your dream goddess.

The Prinz Eugen onahip comes in sleek, navy blue packaging. The front and back sides of the package leave nothing to the imagination and feature two sexy art pieces, each of Prinz Eugen’s lovely peach-shaped ass and her beautiful pussy. Take a look at the sides, and you’ll instantly think of everything you’d do to her.

Otherworldly Pleasure With Unique Air Chamber
The Prinz Eugen onahip is not your ordinary sex toy. Every inch has been carefully designed to achieve incredible realism and comfort so you can climax like never before. With a 5 kg weight and 26 cm in width, this onahip is perfectly sized and feels real to hold and touch.

The soft texture and life-like design further elevate the experience, and both tunnels feature numerous bumps, such as in the Wet welcoming zone, the amazing Climax chamber, and the insane Anal Grip area, to name a few below you see them all:

Prinz Eugen tunnel details

Vagina tunnel 145mm:
1.) Pussy lips Entrance
2.) Wet welcoming zone
3.) Stimulating embrace zone
4.) Climax stud
5.) Climax chamber

Anal tunnel 125mm:
1.) Anal Grip area
2.) Ass slide zone
3.) Twirl end

What’s more? The most talked about feature of this onahip is the air chamber — you can squeeze the air in or out to change the shape of the ass depending on how you like it. Get that extra zing as you slide in and out of her holes while smacking and grabbing her butt. This also saves some weight, so this 5kg hip is very comparable with other 5.5/6kg hips in size.

Versatile Onahip Designed For Your Lovestick
With a high-quality and realistic design, this onahip is soft to the touch, and you’ll love to smash this bad girl all night long. There are so many ways you can take her, whether it’s cowgirl, missionary, or doggy— just squirt some lube onto your hands, and you’re all set to blow your torpedo inside her.
Do you have what it takes to give her the fucking of her life? The Prinz Eugen onahip is ready to serve all your sinful desires.

Onahip width: 265mm
Onahip height: 210mm
Top circumference: 550mm
Ass circumference: 760mm
Weight: 5kg
Vaginal tunnel length: 145mm
Anal tunnel length: 125mm
Material:  TPE (Elastomer)