Pocket Tenga

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Pocket Tenga

A travel-friendly, simple-to-use TENGA, for pleasure beyond your hand, smaller than your pocket! TENGA’s new slim-stretch material brings you a portable pleasure item that will stretch to fit almost any size.

The POCKET TENGA comes in six types, with each featuring different material elasticity and internal details!

Our unique elastomer blend stretches to fit most sizes! The Pocket TENGA is made of a super-stretchable material, and can completely cover a 500ml plastic bottle. They are designed to give the option of stretching for complete coverage or limiting stimulation only to the head of the penis. To use, remove the Pocket TENGA from the wrapping. Next, apply the lotion provided to the inside of the soft sleeve.

Place on your shaft and enjoy the super-stretchable material to stroke and twist as desired!

The POCKET TENGA is small enough to fit in a pocket or easily in your travel bag for business trips or other excursions!

The Pocket TENGA has a sealable package that can be used to hygienically dispose of the item after use. The Pocket TENGA is designed solely for one-time, disposable use. They should be discarded after use. With concerns about hygiene, we do not recommend using the item more than once, regardless of ejaculation. In the interest of achieving the best possible TENGA experience, we suggest using without a condom for direct stimulation.

Wave Line: Smooth stimulations of endless waves.

Click Ball: Spherical nubs that ripple all over.

Block Edge: Rumbling sensational squares.

Hexa-Brick: Honey Comb ribs of pleasure.

Crystal Mist: Rough stimulation from micro-nubs.

Spark Beads: Bursting with beads of sensation.

Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Lubricant Ingredients: TENGA PLAY GEL – Natural Wet
Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Polyacrylate, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide