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Pixey Exceed v2 14000 RPM

F3200 | 8720246444643

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The second coming of a legend! The new compact Pixey Exceed v2 massage wand packs a even more extreme vibrating motor. Don’t let the small size fool you, this is the most powerful massage wand in the world. With a specially designed silicone head with small round nobs to increase the sensation even more!

The Pixey Exceed is easily controlled by turning the toggle wheel, set the wand to your preferred vibration speed to enjoy a extreme powerful massage on any body part. This second version has a slightly longer base so you have a better grip with 2 hands.

Connect the Pixey Exceed via the EU power-cord to get started. For vaginal use we recommend a water or silicone based lubricant. This amazing wand is not only made for extremely powerful massages but you will be blown away with the most amazing orgasms that will leave you breathless!

– Multi speed toggle wheel, up to 14000 RPM.
– Powered by Cord (EU plug – 2,5 meter long).
– Small flexible silicone head with little nobs.

COLOR: Anthracite/Gold
WEIGHT: 430 gr

Please note: Due to the extremely powerful vibrating motor the Pixey Exceed has several cooling vents, do not cover these while using the device. This device is not water-proof, do not submerge it into water, this can be very dangerous when plugged in. Only the silicone head can me cleaned with water or toy-cleaner. We recommend cleaning the  silicone head after each use with a toy-cleaner.