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Pinwheel Rose Gold

OPR-321160 | 8720246448870

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Introducing our Single Classic Pinwheel in Rose Gold – a symbol of elegance and sensory delight. This meticulously crafted instrument combines the timeless appeal of a classic pinwheel with the luxurious touch of rose gold, creating an intimate experience that transcends the ordinary.

Designed for precision and sensation, the razor-sharp tips of the pins ensure that the level of pressure applied directly influences the intensity of the experience for the receptive partner. Ideal for both beginners and advanced players, this pinwheel is a versatile tool that adds a touch of sophistication to your intimate moments.

Crafted with care, our Rose Gold Pinwheel is made of high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and a seamless tactile journey. The warm, rosy hue of the pinwheel not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also adds a layer of luxury to your sensory exploration.

With a total length of 18 cm and a wheel diameter of 3 cm, this pinwheel strikes the perfect balance between size and precision. Immerse yourself in the refined craftsmanship of our Single Classic Pinwheel in Rose Gold, where each roll becomes a delicate dance of pleasure. Elevate your intimate play with this beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted accessory. Order now to experience the allure of rose gold in your sensory adventures.