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Passion Play Board Game

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The game includes:

176 test cards:
88 cards for him
88 cards for her
1 Game board
2 Pawns
2 Dice
1 Vibrator
1 Feather Tickler
1 Silk Restraint
1 Hourglass

Game rules: First, choose the drink that each player will drink during the course of the game. The game consists of 88 cards for each player, divided into 4 different colours depending on the intensity of the tests, which must be used according to the sequence of colours on the board. The man will use the cards branded with MAN SILHOUETTE and the woman will use the cards branded with the WOMAN SILHOUETTE.

Once the test indicated on the chosen card is over, the card must be placed at the bottom of the pile.

The different items that come with the game must be used when the test requires them.

During the course of the game and in all the tests in which garments are taken off, they will always be chosen by the opponent and must be visible garments, (e.g. It is not valid to choose underwear garments if the pants or the skirt have not been previously removed).

When you fall in the box with the glass drawing, you must take a sip of your drink, kiss your partner and immediately take a card to proceed with the next test. If the person who plays forgets to kiss their partner and the other player reminds them, the one who has fallen in the box will lose a garment that will be previously chosen by their rival.

If the two players fall in the same square, they must kiss immediately, but the last to do so will lose a garment, always chosen by their partner.

On cards where XXX appears, the hourglass (60 seconds) must be used to time the indicated test. Once everything is ready, the hourglass will be flipped and the test will begin.

To enter in the Kamasutra position boxes, an exact number on the dice is not required. Once one of the players has reached those boxes, you can simply wait for the other player to arrive and thus be able to start together. In the boxes with the drawings of the Kamasutra positions, (which are divided into two columns), each one has to advance through their own.

The drawing indicates the sexual position that each one has to adopt in order to make love with their partner. Each position must be performed using the hourglass to time. Once the time is up, each player will roll the dice again to perform next position.

The player who decides to continue after the time´s up or reaches orgasm first will be the loser.

Start of the game: Both players must roll the dice and whoever gets the highest number starts. In the event of a tie, the first one who takes off a piece of clothing will begin. The player who starts will advance as many squares as the number stated by the dice, starting from the exit box indicated with an arrow and advancing in a clockwise direction.


A cold drink
Ice cubes
Massage oil and lubricant
Cream or other edible food
Desire to have fun and a lot of passion


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