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Kyo onAhole Shower

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A new addition to KYO’s excellent cleaning product line, the KYO Onahole Shower makes it easier than ever to wash and rinse your sex toys. Especially for bigger toys it is indispensable!

The best way to rinse your onahole KYO onahole shower pocket pussy cleaner
Properly rinsing your sex toy is an important step in the cleaning process, as it both removes bacteria and the things they like to feast on, so you want to make sure it is done properly. Most people rinse their toy in the sink, but this can be difficult with heavier toys, and the water rarely reaches the back of the tunnel with enough force to be effective.

With the KYO shower it’s easy to clean your sex toys thoroughly, all the way through, no matter how big they are.

The KYO onahole shower...

Soft long nozzle cleans all the way to the back without damage, even when your pocket pussy has a hard-to-reach womb
The pump mechanism allows you to squirt powerful jets of water
Attached bottle allows you to add the right amount of toy cleaner, if you want to use any
Nine spaced holes spray the water in different directions and different angles, cleaning deep ridges and comples textures
Easy to use with one hand thanks to the special top - you can use the other hand to move the nozzle in and out.
Keeps your sex toys in great shape and makes them last longer
The image to the right shows how the deeper penetration and angled spray holes of the KYO Onahole Shower compare to simply holding your onahole under the tap.

So how does it work?
You fill the 300 ml bottle with water and -optionally- a bit of toy cleaner. We recommend cold or lukewarm water, as hot water can damage the material onahole are made from. Then, screw on the cap with the flexible hose and rinsing attachment. You can now insert the nozzle into the sex toy you want to clean and pump water through it by pushing the bottle’s top down a couple of times.

The bottle is easy to use with one hand: wrap your index and middle finger around the plastic hooks and use your thumb or the palm of your hand to push the top down. This leaves your other hand free to hold the toy or to move the nozzle around.

You can lock or unlock the pumping mechanism by pushing it down and turning it a little. Putting the bottle in the "locked" mode makes it a little more compact and prevents accidental spraying.

Because the water gets injected at the back of the tunnel, the process is very efficient.

KYO Onahole shower specs
1x 300 ml bottle with pump mechanism
1x flexible hose
1x onahole cleaning attachment (soft material, extra long)