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Kyo onAhole Quick dry stick

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By now, most people know the importance of drying your onahole after cleaning it: moisture that's left behind makes a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms, which don't only smell bad but can also pose a danger to your health. But what's the best way to dry an onahole? Air-drying takes a long time and can be ineffective, and a cloth can harbor bacteria or leave behind lint.

The KYO Onahole Drying stick is a reusable stick that can be used to absorb the last droplets of moisture from your sex toy. It is made out of 100% diatomaceous earth and its porous structure and high silica content make it uniquely suited to absorb moisture without damaging the material of your onahole or posing a danger to your health. The Drying Stick will absorb leftover fluids and help eliminate bacterial growth.

60 seconds ā€¢ No Lint ā€¢ Reusable ā€¢ Safe ā€¢ Reduces Bacterial Growth

Prolong the life of your toys and protect your health by using the Onahole Drying Sticks.

How to use the drying sticks
First, clean your pocket pussy as normal. After shaking or squeezing out the majority of the water, gently insert the drying stick with the rounded end first. If your pocket pussy has a complicated design with protruding bumps or ridges, roll it around in your hand and squeeze it a little to move the moisture around and bring it into contact with the drying stick. Carefully pull the stick back out and set it aside to dry. How long it takes to dry depends on the temperature and ambient humidity.

Quick Onahole Drying Stick properties
Length: 14.5 cms
Weight: 30 grams
Material: Diatomaceous Earth