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Onaho of the Round Table

XTC-TABLE | 9501599669117

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Welcome to the enchanting world of "Onaho of the Round Table," where your fantasies come to life in the most delightful way. Imagine getting the ultimate variety pack—eight distinct onaholes for the price of one. It's not just a fantastic deal— it's an adventure in pleasure waiting to happen. Ideal as a quirky and original birthday present, our collection delivers a new flavour of ecstasy for each day of the week—and a special surprise for the weekend.

Get ready to embark on a journey through eight unique tunnels of pleasure!

Gorgona Goddess
Don't let Gorgona's soft-looking lips and tempting clit fool you—they're just the beginning of a wild ride. Slide in, and the tight squeeze will have you knowing you're in for something intense.

Inside, it's a whole different game. Discover Gorgona's unique feature: star-shaped nubs unlike anything found in most onaholes.

These celestial points are strategically placed to provide an extraordinary experience, each one a burst of pleasure as they rub and press against you in all the right ways.

And when things heat up, the texture changes, tightening around you like a beast unleashed, ready to send you over the edge.

Gorgona isn't for the faint of heart. It's for those who crave the edge and want to flirt with the limits of their pleasure. So go ahead, give in to her embrace, and let Gorgona take you to places you've only dared to dream of.

Elsa Scarslut
Dive into Elsa Scarslut and get a grip on her luscious, full outer folds that beg for a firm touch. Slide through her slim opening and feel the snug fit that's just like a tight, battle-ready armour, promising an intense session that'll have you sweating and craving more.

Inside, the walls are studded with generous bumps and ridges that rub you in all the right places, each one a delicious pressure point that'll have you pushing deeper into the pleasure.

Elsa doesn't hold back. With every thrust, she reveals more of her secrets, challenging you to keep up with her relentless intensity.

Majestic Monara
Majestic Monara is where your deepest desires meet a relentless pleasure assault. As you enter her, the full, soft lips at the entrance give way to a surprisingly snug fit, gripping you like a vice in the best possible way.

Inside, it's a maze of pleasure – criss-crossed ridges and bold nodules line the walls, each one designed to rub, press, and tease every inch of you.

It's like every movement inside her is amplified, with each ridge and nodule a checkpoint of pure ecstasy.

Pushing deeper into Monara feels like a battle you want to lose, with every ridge and nodule strategically placed to overwhelm your senses.

The tightness combined with the aggressive texture makes for an intense experience and a shattering climax— she will have you gasping for air and begging for more.

Asteria Dragonblade
Dive into Asteria Dragonblade and get ready for a real, hands-on experience. Right at the start, those full and soft outer lips offer a cushy welcome that's just a teaser for what's to come.

She's tight, like a well-fitted glove, making every inch you move feel intensely personal and just right.

Inside, you'll find a kingdom of sensation: thick ridges and generous nodules line the passage, each one a loyal subject to your desire, dedicated to making you feel like a king.

As you thrust deeper, Asteria reveals her true power, with every nodule and ridge designed to rub and press against you in just the right way.

The textures aren't random—they're a calculated assault on your senses, ensuring that no two moments are the same and every second is packed with pleasure.

It's like she's sworn an oath to your satisfaction, with every move a testament to her commitment to bring you to the heights of ecstasy.

Morgaia Pendrath
Morgaia Pendrath is all about delivering those real sensations that you can't wait to get into. Right from the start, her tight grip grabs you, demanding your full attention like a true warrior queen.

Inside, it's a wild ride of sensation, with rows of bold, rebellious ridges and nodules that rub and tease with every move, pushing you further into a world of unrivalled pleasure.

Dive deeper and feel the battle rage on. The inner textures clash and grind against you, each ridge and nodule a fierce competitor vying for your climax.

It's a relentless, exhilarating struggle that has you both fighting for control and loving every minute of it.

With Morgaia, every moment is a test of your endurance, daring you to keep going until you're completely and utterly conquered.

Anonymous Knight
Subtle, gentle, and totally captivating— that’s Anonymous Knight for you. She is an Obscured Oathkeeper, and as you enter her gate, that’s when you discover who she is.

The clit is unmissable, and it's there to offer a bit of extra stimulation that sets the tone for the whole experience.

Past the guard of honour, you enter a long and narrow tunnel that feels like a close-fitting glove. It's snug, but every inch of the way, you're treated to an array of nubs and nodules.

These little guys are all about texture—they're dotted up and down the sides so that with every move, they rub and massage just the right way.

The deeper you go, the tighter and more intense it gets, like she's letting you in on the most intimate parts of her, reserved only for those who dare to explore.

With every stroke, she seems to pull you closer, making you feel like the only one who's ever got this far, and every moment is a mix of pure ecstasy and wild, uncharted territory.

Asara Lightblade
Get ready to get up close and personal with Asara Lightblade. Start the experience with her enticingly full labia, a soft yet firm welcome that teases what's to come.

The inside is a series of smooth, flowing ridges, each one sliding against you in a way that's as graceful as it is stimulating.

It's like each movement is a swift, well-placed stroke from her sword, precise and designed to make you quiver with excitement.

Pushing deeper into Asara, the ridges get more intense, building up the pleasure until it's almost too much to handle.

They rub and press against you in all the right ways, mimicking Asara's elegant yet powerful fighting style, but here, it's your senses she's conquering.

With every thrust, she draws you further into her world, where every touch is a promise of more ecstasy to come, leaving you breathless and craving the next move.

Mash Mooncharm
Slip into Mash Mooncharm and feel the immediate snugness that grips you like a personal guard, ready to take you on a pleasure mission.

The inside is a series of ridges and curves, each one a deliberate barrier, breaking down your resistance and pushing you deeper into ecstasy.

It's like she's there with you, her shield transforming into a series of sensational caresses that tease and please with every move you make.

The deeper you go, the more intense it gets. Mash's interior is a battlefield of pleasure, where every ridge is a strategic move to drive you wild.

Her once shy and reserved nature gives way to a confident, all-encompassing embrace that won't stop until you're completely satisfied.

Let Mash take the lead; she's got the moves to protect and serve your deepest desires.

Variety and Quality: A collection that focuses on both diverse experiences and high-quality construction.
Unique Sensations: Each of the 8 onaholes offers a distinct and exciting sensation, providing a wide range of experiences.
6 Individual Tunnels: Designed for varied and singular experiences, each tunnel brings its own unique pleasure.
2 Interconnected Tunnels: Offering a more complex and intertwined experience, enhancing the variety and intensity.
Daily Variety: Perfect for experiencing a different sensation every day of the week, with an extra option for weekends.
User Experience Focused: Tailored to cater to a wide array of desires and preferences

Weight: 3700 grams
Height: 90 mm
Diameter: 23 cm (with pussylips total 25 cm)

Tunnel Lengths:
- Gorgona Goddess: 125 mm
- Elsa Scarslut: 120 mm
- Majestic Monara: 110 mm
- Asteria Dragonblade: 230 mm (through hole)
- Anonymous Knight: 125 mm
- Asara Lightblade: 120 mm
- Mash Mooncharm: 230 mm (through hole)
- Mordred: 120 mm