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NIK-P-BK-L/XL | 05902188726282

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The NIKA Premium set includes:
Corset from chains

Nika Premium set will meet your desires if you care about the original, unusual appearance and a staggering impression on him. You will be predatory, sophisticated and stunningly sexy.

Sexy corset is elaborately refined composition of silver chains and black rubber bands. Visually impressive and surprisingly comfortable. Without problems you put it and you adjust to your body. Sophisticated composition of the chains emphasize the advantages of both your body and hot temper. The soft lines of which form spectacular curved shapes blend into your body.
The set includes also a glamorous panties and bra in black, decorated with black and red lace. Bra made entirely of delicate mesh, alluring shows the shape of the breast. The characteristics of material cause that is flexible and soft to the touch and regulators on the straps and a two-stage clasp at the back, make it easy to fit. Figs, like bra distinguished by original appearance and comfort. With additional, adjustable rubber bands in black, they were visually matched to the corset and are an attractive supplement.

Nika Premium set includes: corset with chains, panties, bra and stockings which have been prepared for you as a coherent, sophisticated and unique proposition. Effective appearance, comfort, deliciously enjoyable experience and highlight the more predatory your hand - you need something more?

The set also includes stockings, finished with a decorative stripe with silicone, which are ideal, stylistically fitting complement to the set.


Corset with chains - handmade
Chains and metal wheels - durable and resistant to rupture
5 fasteners at the back - easy to insert and remove, exact match to the figure
Metal clips for stockings, black with decorative ribbons - effective, durable and strong, easy fastening and matching stockings
The possibility of setting any length chains with fastenings -perfect fit to the body, effective look
Bra and figs:
Elastic materials: fine mesh - pleasant to touch and easy to fit
Bra: adjustable straps and fastening at the back of a two-stage - comfort
Decorative, metal wheels and regulators in silver - durable and visually appealing
Effective, vertical stitching on the back panties - sexy look
Self-supporting, 15den, fingerless - comfort
Finished 8 cm elegant, decorative strip of silicone - sleek design integrates the whole set

Colour: Black
Available sizes: S/M, L/XL
Underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane,
Chains: 95% steel, 3% copper, 2% silver,
Stockings: 84% polyamide, 16% elastane,