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Jelqing is a traditional technique used by gains enthusiasts around the world. When carried out in combination with the regular use of our Bathmate Penis Pumps, users report seeing unparalleled, satisfying results.

The world’s first serum designed to enhance jelqing results, Bathmate Max Out uses all-natural ingredients, like all of our Better Sex supplements, and works perfectly in conjunction with our range of hydropumps to truly maximise gains.

Bathmate Max Out is the first ever product designed to improve your jelqing workout, and hold back your ejaculations with an effective, all-natural formula made exclusively by Bathmate.
Max Out is a bedroom revolution, delivering unparalleled support for jelqing, with many users reporting improved workout results. If you’re ready to take your jelqing to an all-new level, Max Out is the only choice.

Key features include:

Free from artificial ingredients, with a natural formula.
May improve your libido, with users reporting major results.
Skin safe, with rejuvenating, invigorating ingredients.

With a clinically/ dermatologically tested formula made from all-natural ingredients, Bathmate Max Out is an effective, powerful serum. To protect our secret formula, some of the natural ingredients are a secret - here’s how some of them can help you:

Collagen - Helps add natural elasticity to the skin, while helping to restore and replace dead skin cells throughout the penis.
Butea Superba - Often considered as an aphrodisiac, this herb appears to inhibit PDE-5, which may improve erectile quality.
Gingseng - Another traditional aphrodisiac, ginseng helps to alleviate tiredness, which helps you perform at your best in (and out) of the bedroom.

Directions for Use
If you’re a jelqing expert, Max Out is easy to use - just apply a small amount of the serum to your penis before your workout. Never tried before? Don’t worry - it’s very easy to get started with this simple, powerful technique.

First, you should be semi-erect: never jelq with a full erection. Once you’ve rubbed in some Max Out, form an OK grip with your thumb and index finger, around your penis.

Starting at the base, with a relatively light grip, move up your penis, stopping just before the glans, before returning to the start. Most jelqing fans recommend about 100 jelqs in a session.

Important: if you experience any discomfort or pain when jelqing, you're advised to stop immediately. You should also avoid overworking when jelqing, especially if you’re just getting started. Other benefits include:

Safe to use with sensitive skin
Alcohol and perfume free
100% biodegradable