Massage oil attraction champagne strawberry 50ml

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MAI Attraction provides immediate enjoyment. The Hot Effect Champagne Strawberry Massage Oil taste will definitely get things going between the sheets! Our vegan mix is suitable for intimate foreplay and oral enjoyment. When applied to intimate regions, this delicious mix of cold mint, zesty lime, and a hint of sweetness provides a mild warming feeling.

Aphrodisiac impact for a fresh and unforgettable encounter - Many of the oils used to massage partners aren't anything you'd want to put in your mouth, therefore they're only for massaging. However, the MAI Attraction Hot Effect Champagne Strawberry Flavor is a unique massage oil that is particularly kissable. Your erotic massage might easily escalate into heated foreplay or kissing with a lick here and a kiss there.

Every touch is a one-of-a-kind experience, and a soothing massage is the ideal approach to elicit new feelings. Touch has traditionally been the sense that builds ties by keeping individuals near, making them feel entire, and allowing feelings to be felt directly on your skin.