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Kyo Maintanance Powder 150g

KYO-POW | 7434008423470

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This high-quality maintenance powder will keep your toys in perfect shape! After cleaning your toy evenly cover the outside in a thin layer of powder. The special maintenance powder will absorb the last bits of moisture and keep the outside feeling soft.

+ Ultra-fine powder
+ No smell
+ Suitable for all forms of TPE and silicon
+ Large packaging, will last a long time
+ Extra protective cover to keep the powder from spilling out into the cap

How to care for your onahole
Use your onahole (we trust you can figure the details of this part out yourself)
Rinse it out thoroughly under the tap. You can use some mild soap or toy cleaner if you want to.
Pat the onahole dry with clean absorbent cloth
Dry the inside by carefully pushing the absorbing cloth inside or by using one of our drying sticks
When the onahole is completely dry, use the KYO Maintenance Powder to apply a thin layer of powder to the outside of the toy. You can use a soft (makeup) brush to spread the powder out further if you want to.
Your onahole is ready to be put away until the next use! Use a toy bag to safely store it away from sunlight and dirt.

Why should I use maintenance powder?
The TPE material that almost all onaholes are made out of is sticky. Manufacturers will apply a coating that makes it feel soft and smooth to the touch, but after you wash it you might feel that your onahole starts feeling a little tacky and unpleasant. Some onaholes may already feel a little sticky right out of the box, others might be fine until you wash them a couple of times, but pretty much every onahole will at some point become sticky. This stickiness doesn't just feel gross, it will also make lint, dust and hairs stick to your onahole. Not exactly pretty (or hygienic).

Using a maintenance powder to restore this layer is quick and easy. These maintenance powders are finely milled and completely safe for you and your onahole.

Made of Talc