Brand: Demoniq


LUC-BK-L/XL | 05902188723533

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The set includes:
Dress with decorative spike
Neckband with decorative spike
2 wristbands

Lucie set is a unique proposition for a passionate lady who looks for new unique designs of erotic lingerie. You want to surprise , emanate with eroticism, emphasize your sex appeal in a refined manner, in the best possible taste ...
Dress Lucie is a composition of black, decorative elastics that perfectly adapt to your body, while emphasizing its shape. This is a minimalist and sophisticated sexual proposition which will put into delight every person. Additional predatory nature of wristbands and neck band with silver, a metal spike.

Set Lucie is a set for you if you dare to wear it ... and you dare ... right?

Unique and special design
Flexible and resilient material - a perfect fit to body
Decorative metal silver studs on the dress and neck band
Neckband fastened at the back
2 wristbands

Colour: black
Size: S/M, L/XL
Ingredients: 70% nylon, 30% elastane