Brand: YESforLOV

LOV'SPACE Fragrance Diffuser

YFL02A07 | 3700444604945

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A sensual perfume interferes and invites you, it panics your senses. Its soft luminescence incites you to turn off the lights. You are at home here. Anything goes... 

The LOV'space fragrance diffuser designed by YESforLOV, through its ultrasonic diffusion system, delivers delicate sprays of scented mist. Easy to use, this scented accessory is perfect to set the fire and create a unique, aphrodisiac and sensual atmosphere during your courtship rituals.

- Rechargeable, you place it in the place of your choice and it enchants your home for more than 80 hours, depending on the desired intensity.

- Luminous, you can play on a more or less subdued atmosphere.

This diffuser is delivered without fragrance.

At the moment we offer refills with -35% with every diffuser purchase.

Made in PRC
Included USB cable
2 years warranty
Usage ritual
  • Press for 1 second, turn on the machine.
  • Press for 3 seconds, turn on/off the night-light.
  • Press for 1 second to change the intensity grade from 1~6, or to turn the machine off.
Loading method
  • Connect the device with USB cable to reload the battery.
  • The device takes about 4 hours to be fully charged.
  • The device can last 8 hours on the 3rd intensity.
  • The 6 warning lights will light up when it’s fully charged.
  • The 6 warning lights will flicker in turns when the battery is flat.
  • The night-light cannot be on when it's charging.

    Recommendation for use

  • Avoid shocks, do not paint or cover the appliance.
  • Make sure the solution does not run out of the recipient.
  • Place the appliance on a flat, stable and protected surface.
  • After installation, please keep the device vertically. Tilting it or holding it horizontally may cause oil leak, affecting the device efficiency.
  • Do not block the ventilation to avoid overheating.
  • Turn the appliance off before any manipulation (such as cleaning or filling it).
  • Do not try to repair, modify, or disassemble the machine yourself.
  • If case of a malfunction, please contact your reseller.


Grade 1: 0.6ml/h

Grade 6: 3.0ml/h

Intensity level

Grade 1: Perfume diffusion 1,5s  Stop 60s

Grade 2: Perfume diffusion 1,5s – Stop 50s

Grade 3: Perfume diffusion 1,5s – Stop 40s

Grade 4: Perfume diffusion 1,5s – Stop 30s

Grade 5: Perfume diffusion 1,5s – Stop 20s

Grade 6: Perfume diffusion 1,5s – Stop 10s