Brand: Loovara

Loovara Female Condoms Latex-Free 3pc

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The Loovara condom for women finally allows you to take an active role in the prevention of infectious diseases. It is the only contraceptive for women that also offers protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

It is easy to use. The "AirBubble" holders prevent the condom from fully penetrating the vagina. Since everything is made of the same material, the “AirBubble” cannot be felt. It adapts optimally to your body. 100% latex-free made from AT-10 synthetic resin. Ultra-thin and durable. Thinner and more comfortable than latex. Compatible with any type of lubricant.

Why choose the female condom?

  • It gives them control over the situation. You can’t remove an internal condom without your partner knowing, and it can’t slip off like the male condom. This offers an extra sense of security for both partners.
  • Erection is not needed! Male condoms are only safe when put on and used with an erect penis. The internal condom however isn’t going anywhere if the penis loses its erection. 
  • Plus, you can enter the condom up to 8 hours before sex. No need to pause the moment for searching and putting on the condom, just get going.
  • Unlike the male condom, one-size-fits-all really is true in this situation. The flexible rings adapt to your body, so no need to measure and seek out the right size for you. 
  • More room for the penis, as the condom doesn’t squeeze around it. No restrictions, no dulling sensations, just pure feelings.
  • Can be used during menstruation without worry