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Kamasutra Sex Position Book

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Sometimes we get too used to performing the same actions. As routine and time goes by, we get comfortable and we don’t innovate anymore, and the same thing happens with sex, causing a loss of spark in our relationships. That’s why it’s good to try to get out of the routine and try new things as a couple so that the flame doesn’t fade out.

What if a book reveals new sexual positions that you have never tried before and explains in detail how to perform them, step by step, so that they are very, very enjoyable?

Well, that book... It's here!

Discover the 69 illustrated sex positions that Secret Play presents to you and your partner to enjoy fulfilling and fun sex. By exploring the book, you will be able to break the monotony and try out positions you’ve never imagined before.

We know that with positions like missionary, doggy style, spooning or 69 we are not going to uncover new things, but how about trying new positions like the catapult, the expert bridge, tetris or the snow angel?

Maybe you think that you already know what your favourite position is, but if you haven't discovered it yet and you feel like experimenting, this book is made for you.

Practice these positions whatever your gender and sexual orientation. You can do them through vaginal penetration, anal penetration, genital friction, with the help of erotic toys, harnesses, lubricants, stimulators etc. We dare you to try them all!

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