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Joque Harness Cover Version

HJQ5SA11-C | 815952010010

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Now with a New sleek cover, low profile elastic O-Ring, and Clear Translucent logo, The New Joque Cover is even more discreet. Beautifully handcrafted; this sexy and stylish jockey two-strap style UnderWear/Harness has been designed with fun, comfort, quality, and function, at the forefront.  The New Joque Cover is versatile, fully adjustable, and lightweight, and feels like a “Virtual Second Skin.” It was created to be worn with and without attachments ...It might just be the only harness you will ever need!

The New elastic O-Ring, in the New Joque Cover, sits in the same position in the pouch as the Original Joque, but the ring has been redesigned to sit flatter in its appearance, giving it a lower profile look.  The O-Ring is made from stretch elastic, and the same high-quality material as the harness, so it maintains its shape!   The Stretch of the O-Ring makes it suitable for a variety of different attachments including doubles, allowing for a wide choice of experiences. The simplicity of the O-Ring means it’s easy to use; slide the attachment of choice through it, and then again slide out when you’re done. For larger attachments, attachments with natural skin feel, or with textures with drag/resistance, SpareParts recommends using their *Bag Trick to make things even easier and faster.

The New Joque Cover Now with Three Internal Pockets - One Above and Below The O-Ring, To Accommodate Standard Sized Mini Vibes, And One New Larger Sized Pocket in The Lower Pouch for Larger Vibes. The Mini Vibes can be easily inserted into the pockets from the inside of the pouch. When inserted the vibes sit in front of the Attachment and are easy to turn on and off through the fabric. The improved design allows for extra vibration, of the attachment(s) used, and the vibration is also carried throughout the fabric pouch, for both the wearer and their partner to experience during use.

For those of you who like packing, The New Joque Cover is the perfect UnderWear/Harness to pack and play with! The New addition of the interior strap for wrapping around the lower portion of select attachments provides the wearer with extra security so that things will stay in place. The New Front Cover slides over the packer, showing a natural contour and shape!


Created with high-quality Nylon / Spandex, the New Joque Cover has unique wicking elements that draw moisture away from the body, for better breathability, and all-day wear. The materials are machine washable so they can also be used in water environments.

The New Joque Cover has Tagless labels and is also incredibly lightweight, and soft against your skin, giving both the wearer and the receiver a smooth experience!  Being both Flexible and adjustable, the Joque Cover easily adapts to fit your shape and size.

The New Joque Cover is also perfect for those with a vegan lifestyle.

Product Care:

The New Joque Cover is easy to clean and because of the materials used, it can be fully hand or machine-washed safely without damaging the harness.

*Bag Trick: 1. Slide a plastic bag ¾ down the attachment/ 2. Slide the O-Ring™ fully down the attachment passed the end of the bag/ 3. Now fully remove the bag from the attachment. (This trick can be used to add or remove attachments from the O-Ring™ with greater ease.

*Please note, that some Mini Vibes might not be water-friendly, always check with the manufacturer

Available in Two Sizes:


Waistband Measurement (For belt)

Upper Thigh Measurement/ (for Leg Straps)

O-Ring Diameter Across the          O-Ring

Circumference Around the   O-Ring

Size A

20 - 50 inches / 51 - 127 cm

24 -35 inches / 61 - 89 cm

1.25 - 2.25 inches / 3 - 6 cm

5 - 7 inches /

13 - 18 cm

Size B

35 - 65 inches / 89 - 165 cm

30 - 45 inches / 76- 114 cm

1.25 - 2.25 inches / 3 - 6 cm

5 - 7 inches /

13 - 18 cm