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Intimate serum for the V - YESforLOV 30ml

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The INTIMATE SERUM dedicated to the V.

The most complete care for your intimacy, a natural intimate serum formulated on the basis of 8 specific cosmetic active ingredients and an adapted pH. The YESforLOV intimate serum dedicated to V helps to moisturise and soothe the V* area, protect and revitalise its original beauty and contributes to intimate balance.

Intimate serum for the V's fragrance is floral and solar at the same time feminine and sensual. These first light and voluptuous accents of jasmine are mixed with a more assertive character, whose femininity makes the singular freshness of this perfume. Refined, reflecting the beauty of your intimacy, this luminous trail, alternately woody and vanilla, subtle and enticing, marks and preserves the timeless elegance of the woman.
This fragrance has been specially studied for use on the mucosa and formulated without allergens.

Why and how to use Intimate serum for the V?

To limit vulvar dryness or dry skin.
To accelerate healing, limit redness and soothe irritation.
To limit the aging and loss of elasticity of tissues.
To ensure a vital balance and good hygiene in the V-zone.

The YESforLOV Intimate Serum "beauty, comfort and protection of the V" has been formulated to take care of your intimacy at the request of women of all ages, whether or not they are in the menopause or post-natal period, but also of sexologists and beauticians. It is intended for all women without exception. And why not the male partner, as a thank you because he too can feel burns after sex.
The intimate serum "Beauty, comfort and protection of the V zone" is a daily care that soothes, moisturizes, perfumes and firms the V zone. It also provides your sexuality with the comfort and availability it needs over the days and weeks. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry mucous membranes, massaging gently. After the shower to glow, before an act of love to prevent, after to relieve and soothe. On a daily basis for more serenity or just after your hair removal program for bikini contouring, or to prevent roughness and overheating.


YESforLOV Intimate Serum is not a contraceptive.
Not to be used in case of skin lesions.
In the event of a skin reaction, it is recommended that the treatment be discontinued and that a doctor be consulted.
Should not be applied in combination with other products on the same area without Reviews medical.
Shake gently before use.
Special storage conditions :

Keep away from light and at room temperature.
Best beforedate: 12 months after opening.


Inci // aqua, glycerin, propanediol, cetearyl alcohol, undecane, coco caprylate/caprate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, alpha- glucan oligosaccharide, jojoba esters, tridecane, helianthus annuus seed cera, glyceryl caprate, mica, ci 77891, cetearyl glucoside, bisabolol, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, acacia senegal gum, carrageenan, xanthan gum, glyceryl undecylenate, maltodextrin, persea gratissima fruit extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, helianthus annuus seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, acacia decurrens flower cera, polyglycerin-3, glucose, sodium gluconate, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, kigelia africana fruit extract, malva sylvestris flower extract, arctium lappa root extract, parfum, tocopherol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

Tested under gynecological control.
Respects the physiological pH.
Suitable for all types of mucous membranes, skin or vulva, even the most fragile.