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Hole Warmer - Tenga

HW-002 | 4560220550748

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The HOLE WARMER is an easy-to-use, re-usable masturbator warmer designed to let you enjoy body-temperature pleasure at any time, for an easily affordable price!

We recommend using the Hole Warmer with only CUP Series products. Due to the thickness of the material or size of the other TENGA brand products, the Hole Warmer may not warm other products thoroughly.

Expect approximately 5 minutes for an Original Vacuum CUP to reach skin-warmth.

How to use the Tenga Hole Warmer:
1. Bend the metal coin until you hear a sharp snap. The transparent liquid gel will start to solidify and turn white while heating up the whole tube.
2. Insert the Hole Warmer into the desired product and let it sit for 2-5 minutes, until it reaches your desired warmth. Use lubrication to make the insertion easier.
3. Put the whole Hole Warmer into boiling water to return it to it’s original, liquid transparent shape.
4. Store in room temperature until next use.

Size(D × W × H): 9mm × 27mm × 156mm
Weight: 36 g
Reusable Approximately 30 Times

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. Do not break the product.

Manufactured by Tenga co. Ltd in Tokyo, Japan.