10 Flavoured Glyde Ultra Condoms - 53 mm

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A white box containing 10 Vanilla-Flavoured Glyde Condoms. For lovers of Vanilla ice-cream, these flavoured condoms from the Vegan and Fair Trade brand Glyde are ideal for you.

Vanilla-flavoured condoms are a safe-bet if you're looking for a tasty condom for oral sex. Flavoured condoms can also be used for both vaginal and anal sex, and Glyde's premium standards ensure the highest quality birth-control and protection from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

In the box you will find 10 flavoured condoms, tasting of mouth-watering vanilla. Every condom is made from the highest quality all-natural and chemical-free latex. They are a standard size and should fit most men. They are clear in colour.

All Glyde condoms are made for premium comfort and performance from natural, chemical-free materials. Sustainably produced, Vegan & Fair Trade. And because GLYDE condoms contain no animal by-products, they are suitable for vegans to use.