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10 Condoms Maxi 56mm – Glyde

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A box of 10 Glyde Vegan Ultra Maxi Large Condoms, to help you enjoy more comfortable sex. Made to fit men with large penises.

The Glyde Vegan Maxi Condom is a big condom with a width of 56mm, made from all natural vegan-friendly latex. The high quality latex used is odourless, and – as with all Glyde condoms – your conscience is clear as the brand adheres to International Fair Trade standards. This retail box contains 10 Glyde Vegan Maxi Condoms in red.

All Glyde condoms are made for premium comfort and performance from natural, chemical-free materials. Sustainably produced, Vegan & Fair Trade.

GLYDE Ultra latex condoms are manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. And because GLYDE condoms contain no animal by-products, they are suitable for vegans to use.

Material: Natural Rubber Latex
Length: 190 mm
Nominal Width: 56 mm
Thickness: 0.062 mm
Shape: Cylindrical
Colour: transparent or red, select above
Flavour: None
Teat-End: Yes
Lubrication: Yes
In package: 10 condoms