Brand: YESforLOV

Fizzy Massage Foam 150ml

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YESforLOV’s fizzy massage foam transcends the subtle art of massage. Its creamy and enveloping texture delivers a fizzy sensation to the skin, which is both exciting and refreshing, while the floral, saffron, and leathery notes of its perfume help to ignite those feelings of desire. It is with this unprecedented thrill that you will offer your partner the most voluptuous of ecstasies.

A fizzy creamy foam
When it comes in contact with the skin, the YESforLOV massage foam offers a long-lasting crackling sensation that will add a nice touch of originality and eroticism to your massages. This sensual massage foam does not stick and does not leave a residue.

An instant feeling of freshness
YESforLOV crackling massage foam invites you to discover new sensory pleasures: it delivers an instant cool sensation to the skin, to refresh your sun kissed body. Ideal in summer, it is the sexiest accessory to pack in your suitcase, ideal after spending the day laying on the beach.

A sensual, addictive, and completely indecent fragrance
YESforLOV’s new leathery fragrance lulls you into an erotic and carnal dream. The voluptuous and floral saffron notes will be sure to hit you with a little sweetness, which is contrasted by the wild and erotic amber imprint.

Luxury presentation
In white and gold packaging and a safe aerosol container that’s easy to use. The same modern and high-end identity that will naturally find its place in your bathroom, your beach bag, or your nightstand.

TOP NOTES: Saffron, Incense, Black Pepper

MIDDLE NOTES: Leather, Absolute labdanum

BASE NOTES: Cedar, Musk, Amber

Respect for your skin
The crackling YESforLOV massage foam with the indecent fragrance has been tested under dermatological control.

Suitable for all skin types: Normal, oily, dry or atopic.

Cosmetovigilance: No adverse effects have been reported to date.

Recommendations for use:

External use.
Do not use with condoms.
Do not apply to intimate mucous membranes.
Do not ingest. If swallowed: Rinse mouth. In case of contact with eyes: Rinse carefully with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim is wearing them and if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing.

Tips for use
1. Shake the vial vigorously, keeping it upright before use.

One Fizzy Foam contains 150 ml of foam, equivalent to 50 doses in the size of a plum.

Caution Extremely flammable aerosol - Pressure vessel: may burst under the effect of heat. Do not puncture or burn, even after use. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, and other ignition sources. Do not smoke. Do not spray on an open flame or any other source of ignition. Protect from solar radiation. Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C/122°F.