Brand: Motsutoys

Kyo F-Motion

KYO-FM | 9503716473355

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The Most Sought-After Male Sex Toy
Want to experience a sensation, unlike anything you’ve had before? Then you need to slip your dick inside the F-motion — the most sought-after and revolutionary male sex toy on the market today. Fitted with tons of features to stimulate and pleasure your penis in ways you thought were impossible, the F-motion might just be the best thing invented for men since sliced bread. Be warned, though — once you try the F-motion and experience the ultimate pleasure, it will be impossible to go back.

Free Motion Sex Toy For The Most Orgasmic Experience
What does F-motion mean? It stands for Fuck Motion and Full Motion, and true to its name, this cutting-edge sex toy is designed to move fully and jerk your dick for orgasms you’ve never experienced before. Some say it also means “free motion”, and they’re not wrong either — this futuristic device will surely give free you from jerking off the old fashion way.

Fitted with the state-of-the-art motor, the F-motion is engineered to take anything you throw at it and won’t stop or stall, ensuring your sessions remain intense and uninterrupted. Featuring a total of 11 modes, including a powerful orgasmic setting, the F-motion will offer you a euphoric orgasm each and every time. There are so many ways for you to play around with this sex toy — it’s so much more than vanilla sex.

Premium Sleeve For Ultra Feeling Sensation
The F-motion comes with a high-quality silicone sleeve that is removable and easy to clean. Soft to the touch and a stimulating texture, the F-motion sleeve feels heavenly on your shaft; you’ll be cumming like crazy in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, F-motion is cordless and features a rechargeable battery, so you can take it anywhere you want and play with yourself in complete discretion. It takes just two hours to get it fully charged, and it will be all yours for up to 45 minutes before needing a recharge. That’s way more than enough time to leave you drained and shaking.

Designed For Real Fun And Pleasure
At the highest setting, the F-motion can offer you an intense and powerful 200 strokes per minute — how long do you think you could last like that? Designed and engineered with your pleasure in mind, it’s better than sex in so many ways and is the most powerful and sophisticated male sex toy on the market.

Squirt some lube onto your shaft, slide it inside the F-motion, and enjoy the best orgasms of your life. Are you ready to unlock your ultimate pleasure?

Length: 43cm
Width: 10cm
Height: 8.5cm

4 Rotations patterns
3 Thrusting speeds
3 Rotation & thrusting modes
1 Orgasmic mode
Highest setting: 200 strokes per minute

USB charger, no batteries needed
Removable and easy-to-clean silicone sleeve
USB charge cable included
Manual included
Magnetic lid
Material: TPE and ABS

Fully charged in just 2 hours
Playtime: 45minutes