EGZO Lighthouse Extension Sleeve - NEW!

ES001 | 5080201789698
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Egzo Lighthouse is an extension sleeve of time-proven design. Anatomically correct model. Detailing this sleeve is very impressive. Its surface completely repeats the present penis. And thanks to the super realistic "cyber skin" material of the latest generation, you will immediately feel that this sleeve not only looks natural, but is also felt.

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How to take care of your EGZO

Please use the product with a condom ( You can cut down on the cleaning time of a "CyberSkin" toy and also increase the toy life by using a condom, it can be latex but non lubricated better.) Otherwise you should disinfect it. 

Disinfect the product in 40-70% alcohol, chlorhexidine or soapy water. After processing use Talcum, but (do not use talcum powder if you plan on putting it back up in you). 

We only suggest only water based lubricant with EGZO. Do not use silicone and oil-based lubricants. Always remove the batteries before storing. 

Lifetime from 12 months up to 2 years, depend of how often you use it and how good is the care of item.