Brand: Demoniq

DOROTHEA - black set

DORO-BK-L/XL | 05902188726398

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- Dorothea, that’s my name ...
... Look at me when I talk to you. Okay. Look at me carefully and remember every detail of my perfect body. In a moment I am going to tie your eyes and you can just use your imagination to admire me.
Are you afraid? You should. Soon the pleasant moments of conversation will be a memory you are going to miss ...
… very much…
... And now close your eyes!

Set includes:

Long dress with front attracted attention from deep black material which shows sexy underlined contours of the body parts. The front apparently may seem classic, but just look at her back, to know that was developed about the naughty and thrill games. He discovers the entire length of the back, buttocks and legs, revealing their provocative beauty. Appearance and shape of the buttocks further enhance the sleek lines of black thong. The cut of the dress and the use of flexible materials make it adheres perfectly to the body emphasizing its whole shape and every detail. Around the neck there is adjustable clasp silver made of chain. Impressive appearance of Dorothea strengthen dresses, the metal buckles in silver, and the wheels with strings and fasten dress.
The whole set Dorothea was prepared with the same materials and the same style, creating the perfect proposal next to which cannot be ignored.
An additional advantage of the Dorothea set is the fact that it was made with great attention to quality and performance using visually appealing and pleasant to the touch materials.


Flexible and resilient materials with elastane - a perfect fit to the body
Pleasant to the touch material - comfort
Close - fitting contoured body shape - good look and comfort
High - quality materials - the convenience and durability
Metallic accessories in the color silver - durability and impressive detail
The clasp at the neck with a chain - the convenience and effective appearance
Reinforcing stitching in critical areas - durable

Colour: Black
Available sizes: S/M, L/XL
The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane