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Deuce Male Harness Original

HDE3SA11 | 815952010003

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The stylish Deuce ™ is comfortable and durable. The adjustable straps ensure it fits the wearer securely and remains snug and in place, providing complete control whatever the position. As the leg straps cross at the perineum, they apply a light pressure to the prostate region giving an additional pleasurable feeling.

The Deuce™ has an elastic and stretchy O-ring which expands and contracts to hold a variety of dildos of different shapes and sizes, so each and every experience can be a new and exciting one.

In addition, there is a second hole just below the O-ring that is lined with soft stretchable elastic which is designed to accommodate the natural girth of the wearer. This subtle touch to this unique harness, allows the second opening to act as a soft cock ring creating another pleasurable dimension when using the Deuce™.

Both openings have two small flaps on the inside of the harness so that the wearer has the choice of having the dildo base against his skin for that more intimate and involved feeling or he can have it covered for a more gentler, less abrasive sensation. With the flaps, the wearer can also opt to have his penis inside or outside the pouch. So you can enjoy the Deuce™ in a multiple of fun ways!

For an additional vibration, the flaps for the top dildo can accommodate a wireless mini bullet vibrator for that extra sensual stimulation. Vibrating cock rings can also be used with the Deuce™ for a further titillating sensation to the dildo and to the penis.

The Belt

The belt is secured with Velcro and has a second elastic pull feature for locking your product of choice into place. The locking mechanisms on the leg strap allow the wearer to move the sliders into place, whilst the locking teeth of the top slider holds the straps and harness in place so the harness is secure the entire time it is worn. The Deuce™ can be worn comfortably without having to constantly re-adjust.

The simplicity of the Deuce™ means it makes it easy to use for a variety of ways. The wearer doesn’t have to remove the Deuce to insert their penis or the dildo through either one of the holes, while they are wearing it. They can simply release the belt strap and pull the pouch forward and insert or pull forward on either side of the pouch to insert.

As the Deuce™ is designed especially for men; the pouch is designed so that it comfortably cups the testicles and penis if desired, without resulting in bunching, chaffing, pinching or binding.

It’s also a fantastic choice of harness for men who have erectile dysfunction. The versatility of the Deuce™ means it can be used with only a dildo or with penis and a toy simultaneously for dual penetration and double the fun.


  • An attractive and lightweight storage pouch with two handy pockets

Please note that toys, dildos, accessories and attachments pictured or mentioned, including bullets and mini-vibes are not included, however are available for individual purchase at select stores.

 Made from soft Nylon Spandex

Strong, durable yet light and breathable fabric

Velcro belt with soft nylon leg straps.

Unique wicking elements that pull moisture away from the body


  • Wash before use
  • Hand or machine washable, gentle cycle
  • Line, lay flat or tumble dry on low or cool temperature


Deuce Belt Straps First hole Second hole
Size A

20 - 50 inch

50.8 - 127 cm

10 - 16 inch

25,4 - 40,64 cm

1,25 - 2 inch

3,17 - 5,08 cm

1,5 - 1,87 inch

3,81 - 4,74 cm

Size B

35 - 65 inch

88,9 - 165 cm

14 - 24 inch

35,56 - 60,96 cm

1,25 - 2 inch

3,17 - 5,08 cm

1,5 - 1,87 inch

3,81 - 4,74 cm



1. Get your lower waist/hip measurement. •Wrap a measuring tape around your waist, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) below your pelvic bone. •Mark the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself. 2. Use that measurement, as well as your body shape, to determine your size. TomboiTM performs best when your body fills out the harness, so choosing the right size is crucial. You should take your body shape into account before selecting a size. To do so, think of your body in terms of moon phases:

bodies have beautiful, fuller curves. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in rear, and a quarter to half-moon shape in front, where the stomach is. If you have a full moon shape...choose the next size up.

bodies have a balance of curves and planes. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter-moon shape in front and a half-moon shape in rear, or a a flatter front stomach area and a fuller three quarter-moon in rear. This body shape typically has a fuller butt and, sometimes, wider hips. If you have a three-quarter moon shape...choose the next size up.

bodies are curvier in rear, flatter in front. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in rear. If you have a half-moon shape...stay to the size chart.

bodies have gentler, less pronounced curves in rear. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter (or crescent) shape sloping from the tailbone to the top of the thigh. If you have a quarter/crescent moon shape…choose the next size down. If you have a quarter/crescent moon shape in rear, BUT a quarter to full-moon curve in front, at the stomach. In that case, stay to the size chart.