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The set includes:
garter belt

The Clarisse Premium set defines the beauty captured in the whole Elegant Angels collection.

It is its subtle but sophisticated and elegant summary. Each element of the set is remarkable thanks to its beautiful style where black embroideries reveal their charm while they softly and sensually underline the neck, hips and buttocks lines. The bra looks excellent and gives the breasts an alluring, round shape. The garter belt draws attention with its beautiful, wide lace on the side but it is its back that makes a stunning impression - the round shape of the belt makes your buttocks look particularly appealingly, especially when underlined with the black lines of the thong.Numerous decorative black bows on the bra, thong and garter belt add charm.
The Clarisse set is also very comfortable and tactile. Stretchy properties of the fabrics used, as well as multistage clasps and adjusters of the bra and garter belt ensure that the whole set will be a good body fit and you’ll feel attractive, desired and self-confident.

If you like the stockings in the picture - you don’t have to look for them anymore! The Premium set includes them. These are durable, elegant stockings in black, decorated with a stripe with flowery patterns. You can wear them either with the garter belt or without it since they are self-supporting.

Static laces with spacious embroideries - spectacular and elegant looks.
Flexible and stretchy fabrics with elastane - perfect fit for the body
Tactile fabric – comfort
Braced bra profiled with underwires - comfort and spectacular looks
Profiled cut that underlines body curves - spectacular looks and comfort
High quality fabrics - comfort and durability
Metal elements in black - rings, clasps, adjusters - durability and strength
Adjusters matching the width of the straps - spectacular looks and comfort
Bows in black - spectacular looks
Metal stocking clasps with black, satin ribbons - durability and spectacular looks
Adjustable shoulder straps - comfort and better body fit
Adjustable length of stocking straps - comfort and better body fit
Multistage bra clasp - better body fit - comfort and spectacular looks
Multistage garter belt clasp - better body fit - comfort and spectacular look

Self-supporting - decorative lace with silicone 10cm
Flexible with reinforced structure
Invisible to strengthen the fingers
Ideally adjacent to the leg
15 den 17 dtex

Colour: black
Available sizes: S, M, L
The composition of underwear: 95% polyester, 5% elastane
The composition of stockings: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane