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Ceylor non-latex ultra thin - 3 condoms

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Ceylor Non-Latex Ultra Thin condoms are extremely thin and made from latex free material. They are up to 50% thinner than normal condoms - for a closer and more intense feeling during lovemaking.

Made from polyurethane (latex free) with a reservoir end, transparent, odorless, silicone lubricant.

Experience greater endurance during sex thanks to the extra strong condom for the powerful lover, for drawn out lovemaking.

Ceylor condoms capsule

Ceylor is the number 1 leading Swiss condom brand. Ceylor stands for responsible, sensual and varied love lives. For 100 years Ceylor has been the trusted Swiss brand, Ceylor strives to offer the right product of the highest quality for every need and every time of life. 

The Ceylor condoms come in an unique condom pod. Experience greater safety thanks to the exclusive condom pod for a carefree love life. Each individual condom enjoys perfect all-round protection and is held in a palace ready for rolling on. This means no tears, no creases, no complicated opening, no fiddly unrolling. 

Correct application

  1. Be careful to avoid damaging the condom with sharp nails, rough skin, jewellery, teeth etc. 
  2. Only open the condom pod immediately before use. Bend the foil tip on the pod to carefully remove the foil and gently take out the condom between your thumb and forefinger. Only draw the condom over the penis once it is fully erect.
  3. Make sure that the condom is unrolled the right way round. Place the condom ring on the penis so that the rolled rim is on the outside. If you have attempted to unroll the condom the wrong way round, use a new one. Make sure no seminal fluid comes in contact with the outer part of the condom. 
  4. Hold the condom tip between the thumb and forefinger. Lightly press the fingers together to make sure no air remains in the tip. 
  5. Now draw the foreskin back slightly and roll the condom down the entire length of the erect penis using the other hand. 
  6. Carefully withdraw the penis shortly after ejaculation and before sleeping. When doing so, hold the condom firmly at the base of the penis so that is does not slip off, to ensure that no sperm can enter your partners vagina or anus. 
  7. Do not throw the condom into the toilet. Ensure that the condom is safely disposed.

Ceylor condoms are tested according to leading-edge methods. 

Condoms in package: 3 condoms

Width: 58mm

Size: Large

Thickness: 0.020 mm

Length: 190 mm

Girth: 116 mm

Shape: Straight

Tip: Teat

Wrapper: Pod

Lubricant: Silicone 

Store condoms in a cool and dry place, protected from sunlight. Please read the safety instructions carefully before using.

Manufactured in Switzerland

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