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Kyo Capsule 2

KYO-CAP2 | 9506328496477

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Designed to offer you the most intense pleasure, the Kyo Capsule 2 improves upon the well-loved and original Kyo Capsule and brings new and improved features for an even better experience. Thanks to the trailblazing dual vibration technology that allows you to enjoy a diverse array of sensations, the Kyo Capsule 2 is the perfect toy to spice up your sex life.

More Powerful Than Ever Before
Vibrations make your orgasms more intense. How? By providing intense stimulation to your shaft’s nerve endings and boosting blood flow, vibrations amplify pleasure during masturbation and sex.

The Kyo Capsule 2 comes with two powerful vibration points, and the interior is constructed with a sophisticated and stretchy elastomer that firmly grips your penis and offers intense vibrations for untold pleasure and euphoric orgasms. Moreover, Capsule 2 is also fitted with numerous massage bumps that stimulate your manhood in all the right ways.

Move the Capsule 2 up and down your lovestick or on the tip of its head — there are so many ways for you to play with it, and you just need to find the right spots for unlocking orgasms you’ve never experienced before. Whether it’s for solo play or with your partner(s), the Kyo Capsule 2 is here to take your sex life to the next level.

Dual Vibration Technology For New Sensations
The main highlight of the Kyo Capsule 2 is the dual vibration technology — featuring an impressive 12 vibration modes; you can feel the intense vibration go through every inch of your shaft, and no one mode feels the same. You just need to play around with the patterns a bit and find the one that makes you cum the most.

What’s more? With the new Kyo Capsule 2, you can squeeze the middle to apply more pressure to your shaft and increase the intensity of the vibrations!

High On Power And Low On Maintenance
The Kyo Capsule 2 is your perfect fuck buddy — compact, intense, makes you orgasm like crazy, and, best of all? It’s low maintenance! This sex toy is cordless, so you don’t need to deal with all the messy cables when you’re blowing your rocks off.

The compact and ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and take anywhere you want — you can pleasure yourself wherever or whenever you’d like. Just don’t get caught!

It’s also super easy to clean — once you’re done with it, all you need is a little bit of soapy water, and it’s ready for round two.

Size: 10.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm

Includes USB charging cable and manual

Dual vibration technology

12 vibration modes

Materials: TPE and ABS