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Boobs Sucker Pump

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Boobs Sucker Pump

Do you want to experience new extraordinary pleasures? Then the boobs sucker pump from Stunt Worx is really something for you!

The hand-operated boobs sucker pump will impress you. Your nipples will get bigger because of the suction and your breasts will grow because of the suction. A wonderful sucking game to your breasts by this amazing boobs pump.

The breasts pump is made of high-quality plastic and soft silicone hoses. These hoses are fitted with shut-off valves, so you can maintain your chosen perfect vacuum for a longer period of time without losing suction. If you need to disconnect the breast shells quickly, just open the valve and no one will know what pleasure you experienced a few moments ago.

Treat yourself to this tingling experience!

Product details:

Cylinder with high suction power
Flexible hoses with individual valves
Easy to clean
Quickly detachable valve

Material: high-quality plastic, silicone
Colour: white, black, red