Brand: YESforLOV

Bewitching Massage Candle

YFL01B28 | 370044604396

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YESforLOV’s exciting massage candle was specially developed so that as it melts, the oil will be warm but not too hot. It is made of 100% plant oils and is enriched with soy, coconut and sesame, well-known for their moisturizing, regenerating and softening properties. And to make it even more exciting, we’ve added our enchanting, exclusive YESforLOV fragrance. Light the candle. Wait ten minutes until the wax has melted into a rich oil, then blow it out. If the temperature feels comfortable to you, slowly pour the oil into your hands or directly over your partner. For a magical, relaxing, sexy massage. The YESforLOV candle can also be used as a house fragrance. Light it and leave it burning to fill your room with its titillating fragrance.

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